A32 - Pre-programmed synthesizer!

     The DEM A-32 is a synthesizer with 50+ frequencies that has been designed to replace the MICRO-LO in all DEMI transverters 2.3 GHz through 10 GHz. The A-32 also has programmed frequencies to be used as a weak signal source for all microwave bands 33 cm and up. You will also find it has base LO frequencies for 24 GHz transverter designs, and frequencies to replace Local Oscillators in other manufactures transverters. Lastly, we have included frequencies to  experimentally replace LO circuits in all DEMI 23 and 33 cm transverter designs.

     The MICRO-LO is now obsolete and we are installing the A32  in all assembled transverters from 2.3 thru 10 GHz. The A32  is also provided when purchasing a transverter kit. Because of the  pre-programming, we will only offer the A-32 as a assembled and tested unit.  

    If you already have one of our 2.3 - 10 GHz transverters and you would like to upgrade it with the a  A-32 synthesizer, you can purchase the A32RFK which is the standard A32 and all necessary hardware to make the installation in any transverter as simple as possible. Or you can buy just the standard A32 Board and install it as you desire. 

     If you are interested in upgrading your transverter but do not feel up to the task of doing it yourself  Hicks Consulting, the manufacturer of the synthesizer, is offering this service.  Please review their web site for their information.  Please understand unlike Hicks Consulting's original apolLO 1, the A-32  is only  offered as assembled and tested.

    Please read the A-32 product description and/or visit the Hicks Consulting website before purchasing. Also, please  understand that a high quality external 10 MHz source is required for the best performance or you will need to order  our internal 10 MHz source option, OPT-I . The internal source option is a compromise in stability and frequency accuracy but will get you on the air.  We highly recommend an external source.    

    All pricing and information of all versions and options can be found on our pricelist in every related transverter section. A economical "4 Pack"  is listed in the accessory section.   

    If after reading the A-32 product description  you still have questions , please e-mail tekboy "at" downeastmicrowave.com.