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We are in the process of establishing  our Shopping Cart.  In the interim,  please use the  item entry form below to manually enter your order.  Fill out the form below using the item part number and detail item descriptions if required (e.g. transverter interface options).  When the form is completed, hit the "Buy Now" Button.  It will go to the shopping cart page.  Verify your information.  If you are purchasing more than one item  select  "Continue Shopping" at the bottom of the page.  Re verify the new information entered.

When all purchases have been selected then choose your shipment method and press the "Update" button.  If you decide to make another purchase, re-verify the information and shipment method

Please note that the actual shipping and handling charges will not be indicated on the form.  The shipping charges will be assessed at the time of shipment and added to your invoice.

NOTE: Availability of our assembled products depends on the current demand, it may take anywhere from 8-12 weeks from time of order (10/2013).

Select the "Checkout" option when all purchases are complete.   



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